We specialise in the design and manufacture
of innovative process equipment and industrial machinery.


The use of the latest engineering design, visualisation and manufacturing techniques allow us to deliver superior solutions to our customers.
We have in-house expertise in all disciplines required to deliver true turn-key solutions.

Here at JIM, we design things and make ideas come to life in the form of shiny new machinery, parts and equipment.

Mostly mechanical, mostly things that aren’t easy to design. What we love most is when we’re given free reign to come up with machinery and equipment to solve problems.

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When you need to solve a process problem with innovative equipment, automate a chemical process, build a pilot plant or a new machine, we are there to make it happen.

  • From concepts and layouts, to detailed manufacturing drawings, to hardware manufacture, we offer a comprehensive design and supply service.
  • Let us design and build your special machine or plant equipment for you.
  • Our control systems and instrumentation are selected and built to the highest industrial standards.
  • Experience drawn from multiple industries can be applied to your solution.


Started in March 2000 by Ronald Jessop, at the time a junior mechanical engineer working at the Atomic Energy Corporation at Pelindaba, a facility which had everything a freshly graduated engineer could wish for: every type of manufacturing facility, a vast store of every type of material, the mentorship of dozens of experienced engineers and scientists and an air of mystery because the facility was after-all the result of a nuclear weapons programme.

This was not to last because unfortunately (or fortunately) nuclear weapons went out of fashion in South Africa and the Atomic Energy Corporation had to retrench enormous numbers of staff. Eventually Ronald’s number came up, but he saw this as an opportunity to set up a consultancy to design and manufacture bits of equipment needed for the various spin-off projects happening at Pelindaba as commercially-viable peaceful purposes were sought for the various technologies developed during the nuclear program.


We quote, we communicate, we deliver, no matter where you are or where your equipment needs to be made or needs to be, we will find a way to connect the dots.